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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome from the Academic Dean
At Ecclesia College, Springdale, Arkansas.
Arkansas Credit Transfer System (ACTS)

Robert Headrick, PhD in New Testament,
serves as the academic dean at Ecclasia College.

As Noah was “faithful in his generation,” Ecclesia College purposes to prepare students academically, spiritually and mentally to minister to their generation.

In order to serve you better every day, Ecclesia College is continually expanding its offerings.  And even if we do not yet offer your desired degree, consider spending your first two years here at Ecclesia preparing yourself spiritually for what is ahead.  Don't forget... Strong roots bring forth good fruit!

Please contact us now to find out why attending Ecclesia College will not only help you meet your professional goals, but help you strengthen your relationship with God and equip you to meet life's greatest challenges with deep faith and seize life's best opportunities with godly boldness.

Dr. Bob Headrick
Academic Dean
Ecclesia College - Where Leaders Are Learning

This is a detail from Cole's The Good Shepherd,
posted below.

Note: Colleges and Universities always have the choice to accept or reject credits from another institution.  But in Arkansas most colleges and universities participate in the Arkansas Credit Transfer System (ACTS) which provides automatic credit transfer to all participating Arkansas schools.  Click here to see which Ecclesia College credits transfer automatically to participating Arkansas institutions.

Thomas Cole, famous American landscaper,
painted The Good Shepherd just before his early death.

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