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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Answers in Genesis Teacher Ken Ham Spoke in Rogers, Arkansas.
Ecclesia College Represented by Kay Strickland and the Jacksons

Kay Strickland, Ken Ham, Christina Jackson, and Dr. Gregory Jackson attended the Ken Ham
presentation on the building of a full-sized Noah's Ark exhibition.
Ken Ham, from Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, gave a presentation at the Hammons Center in Rogers, Arkansas about the proposed full-size replica of Noah's Ark, planned in the near future.

The plan is to use this replica as a learning center about the Genesis Flood and its relationship to the Gospel.

Kay Strickland is on the Ecclesia College Advisory Board, and Dr. Gregory Jackson teaches English composition at the school. The Jacksons have been married 43 years.

All of the concerns described by Ham are addressed by the school's foundation upon the inerrancy of the Scriptures. As Ham said in his presentation, the failures of our society are directly related by the refusal of many churches to teach the truth and authority of the Word of God.

Asked about the new dynamic equivalency paraphrases of the Bible, Ham said about the NIV in particular - "It has a lot of things wrong in Genesis, which is a problem when culture is allowed to chabnge the Bible. That is the problem - the culture affecting the Bible."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Student Life at Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas

 Students have extra computers and a printer, plus coffee and chess games, upstairs at the Dome.

"Around 75% of Our Students Are Involved in Sports at Ecclesia College," Says Dean Skinner

Women's Soccer Head Coach, Dean Skinner
Dean Skinner has been coaching for nearly 28 years with 19 at the college level. He has coached both soccer and basketball, accumulating an overall win-loss record in soccer of 170-92-14 and in basketball a record of 371-246. He has been Head Coach at Berkshire Christian College, Southeastern University, Crown College, MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Coach Skinner attended Berkshire Christian College and played soccer for four years. He was named to the All-Conference team all four years in two different conferences. In his senior year he was voted Honorable Mention All-America and was the third leading scorer in the NCCAA Div II with 32 goals. He ended his career as Berkshire's all time leading scorer with 89 goals and 23 assists. 

During Skinner's Junior and Senior years, he was asked to coach the women's basketball team. Upon graduation, Dean was hired at his alma mater to be the new Athletic Director, Head Soccer, and Basketball Coach and has been coaching ever since.

Skinner has been named Regional Coach of the year 3 times and Conference Coach of the year 3 times. He has led his teams to two National Tournament appearances and still holds the record at Southeastern University for best single season win-loss record of 19-4-1. He also has taken some of his collegiate teams on sports mission trips to Panama, Jamaica, and Alaska. 

Contact Coach Skinner at:

Coach has held many leadership positions with the NCCAA. He has been the NCCAA National Soccer Chair, Regional Soccer Chair, National Statician UMAC Conference President, and the NCCAA National Basketball Vice Chair.

Dean has a bachelor's degree from Berkshire Christian College and a Master of Science in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy. He has been married to his wife, Deb, for 35 years and they have 3 sons, Andy, Nick, and Chris.

Dean says "I am so excited to be a part of the Ecclesia College family. The opportunity to impact the lives of the young people for Christ is humbling, motivating, and so rewarding." He believes the Lord cares about every aspect of out lives and that includes athletics. Dean says, the success his players have experienced come from making the Lord the center of all they do.

Assistant Coach, Kaitlyn Antolic

Ecclesia's Children Ministry

Glen and Ruati De Young host the children's ministry,with an office upstairs at the Dome,
at Ecclesia College, in Springdale, Arkansas.

Our Vision

Born out of vision, prayer and a desire to bless the children of India for the glory of God, Ecclesia's Children Ministries began a focus of ministry to India in the Fall of 1999. Through Bible and Character programs in rural villages children hear a clear message of the love of Jesus Christ and are taught godly character principles for their lives. Ecclesia's Children Ministries networks with local Christians in host nations to uplift, train and strengthen the hearts of children to live godly lives.

Glen and Ruati De Young

The DeYoung’s have a joint desire, vision, and calling to reach children with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are doing this through Bible and character programs and in providing educational scholarships for children.
Through the development of programs among faith communities and other interested parties, they seek to benefit the lives of children with a clear message of salvation found in Jesus Christ and His teachings, and in the teaching of Christian godly principles of character.
Their goal is that the teachings and the character of the Lord Jesus Christ will be understood, practiced, and taught to children who in turn will teach others. Their desire is that children be blessed and that Jesus Christ be glorified.
Vanlalruati De Young has a Bachelor of Arts from Manipur University in Manipur State, Northeast India and has been awarded a Bachelor in Christian Ministry from Ecclesia College. Glen De Young has a Bachelor in Biblical Ministry from Ecclesia College in Elm Springs, Arkansas, U.S.A.

The De Young’s are focusing their energies in training and equipping parents, teachers and pastors through Bible and Character training seminars and through the development and publishing of teacher and student lessons materials.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homeschool Your Kids - Forbes

Homeschool Your Kids - Forbes:

The swelling legions of homeschoolers poke a subtle rebuke at America’s ever expanding nanny state. Under both parties, Washington has systematically invaded private spheres and co-opted public services historically performed by local bodies. But a spontaneous groundswell of freedom minded folks has continued America’s rich inheritance of rugged individualism.

The God-fearing, flag-waiving, gun-toting homeschool crowd embodies the American spirit of mutual self-reliance. You won’t encounter a more neighborly bunch. Their children thrive without government “help.” Their support networks blossom sans the state’s sanction. Meanwhile, taxpayers waste a fortune securing abysmal academic results. In 2012, SAT scores fell to their lowest level since tracking began. As spending soars, assessment scores plummet.

The modern homeschool movement comes largely by Christians aghast over an academic establishment overrun by progressives. Schools long ago became laboratories for instilling statism and distilling politically correct groupthink. Values clarification anyone? With public education increasingly geared toward multicultural agitation against America’s godly heritage, many parents resolved to safeguard the hearts, souls and minds of their young.
At least 1.5 million students receive home-based academic instruction. The ranks of homeschoolers are rising rapidly across every social strata, faith and ethnicity. While many families lack sufficient means for someone to stay home, it’s not generally those affluent enough to afford exclusive parochial education. The highest homeschool participation appears in households with incomes ranging from$25,000 to $75,000. The homeschool community reflects a cross-section of Americans; the children of truck drivers and lawyers, whites and blacks, rich and poor, Christians and unbelievers.
What is civilization save passing to posterity the accumulated prosperity, cultural achievements, customs and mores of our forbearers? In the American context this includes self-reliance. Parents are the primary medium for rearing children. Should liberty endure, America must restore her multi-generational perspective, lately befuddled by Leviathan permeating life.
We have two principle tutors, lessons learned via individual experience and the wisdom amassed by our ancestors. Progressives have purposely uprooted America’s multi-generational perspective for many decades. Woodrow Wilson, who prior to the White House presided over Princeton, wrote, “The use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible.”

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How You Can Help the Ecclesia College Blogs Grow in Outreach

"Please help a small blog trying to grow up and become global."

We are enjoying a good start in blogging. These three blogs, linked together, have about 3,600 page-views, after five weeks. People from 11 countries are reading the posts. You can see them near the bottom of the page on the Feedjit map.

This is the main blog in this group - Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas.

This blog is designed to emphasize the arts at Ecclesia College.

This blog emphasizes features about sports at Ecclesia College in Northwest Arkansas.

America is losing the concept of literacy,
when tutoring is spelled this way on a sign.
When you click on any particular blog post, you are helping to increase its visibility on the Internet.

Regular readers mean that the search engine results will be high for any given topic associated with Ecclesia College:

  • The Christian faith, 
  • The Scriptures
  • Location in Northwest Arkansas, 
  • Twila Paris, 
  • Dave Barton, 
  • Low graduation debt, 
  • Homeschooling, 
  • Scripture, and 
  • College sports.

If someone wants to attend college where people understand and support homeschooling, a search will lead to Ecclesia College.

President Oren Paris is quick to say, "Homeschooled students are among our best."

The blogs are designed to lead people to the Ecclesia College website.

Below each post is a row of buttons for sharing across the Internet. If you wish to use them, you can email the post, Facebook share it, Google Plus share it, Tweet it, and Blog This! it.

One example is below.

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You can also copy the URL (link) to your Facebook page. We all have from 50 to 1500 friends on Facebook. Some of them overlap, but many do not. And they have friends, too. It does not take long for Facebook sharing to increase regular readership.

Computers are sometimes misunderstood.

If you have a blog or website, please consider linking the  Ecclesia College blogs on your site. Linking the Ecclesia College website also helps.

Broadcast is a term first used for sowing seed. We began using it for radio and TV, but now it is returning as a way to spread the Word of God across the world, following the Parable of the Sower and the Seed (Matthew 13 and Mark 4).

Isaiah 55 is clear. God's Word is never broadcast in vain. The Word always accomplishes His divine purpose. The Holy Spirit always accomplishes His purpose and always prospers His work through the Word.

The Great Commission by Norma Boeckler

Monday, January 21, 2013

Student Life at Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas, Includes the Craft of Writing, Free Time To Relax, Free Books To Enjoy

Free books? Basketball? Softball? Earthworms? 

Students enjoy some free time upstairs at the Dome.

English Composition 1 is using Zinsser's famous book, On Writing Well.

Some students commute from Siloam Springs.

What are the seven steps of writing?
The stairs leading to the classrooms upstairs are a convenient gathering place.

How Far Away Is Ecclesia College from Crystal Bridges, The Finest Museum of American Art?

Thomas Cole painted many Christian scenes, including the aftermath of the Genesis Flood.

People travel from all over the world to see Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which is only 15 miles (30 minutes) from Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas.

Crystal Bridges is an architectural wonder, crossing the creek where the Walton children used to play.

The last painting of Thomas Cole showed the Good Shepherd leading His sheep
toward the flock in the distant pasture.

Friday, January 18, 2013

College Students Still Ask - "When Is This Class Over?" and
"How Many Papers Do We Have To Write?".
Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas Starts New Semester

They agreed to pose for - "When is this class over?"

Ecclesia College Students Enjoy Very Low Student Loan Debt at Graduation

Meeting in the Hallway and Stairs - Catching Up on the News -
Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas
Starts New Semester, 2013

Classes Start - New Textbooks and Schedules - Sports Teams Meet - Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas

English Composition and Chess in the Lounge - Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas

Ecclesia College, Springdale Arkansas - Spring Semester Starts, 2013