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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ecclesia College Belongs to the Work Colleges Consortium.
Welcome to the Work Colleges Consortium! |

Welcome to the Work Colleges Consortium! |

We are a group of Colleges offering an innovative concept in higher education—purposefully integrating a college education with valuable work experience and service to others. Though innovative, this approach is not new. In fact, ‘earning while learning’ has a 150+year track record of providing college educations and valuable work experience to thousands of promising individuals. Our graduates are business leaders, inventors, teachers, elected officials and likely members of your community.
 We hope that you, whether student, parent, educator or professional are able to get a sense of who we are, what we do and how we do it.
We are the only seven federally recognized Work Colleges in the United States and proud of that distinction. Though each of our seven colleges is unique, we collectively believe in and support the purposeful integration of work, learning and service. This allows us to offer students the opportunity to receive reduced tuition, multiple transferrable skill sets and real-world work experience.
Working while at a college might not be for everyone but we deeply believe and advocate all the advantages it has to offer. See what our students have to say.
Check out the latest data and research in the NEW  2012 Work Colleges Consortium Brochure and see why work college students graduate with some of the lowest debt in the nation:  Project on Student Debt.

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