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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ecclesia College Baseball Team Making High Grades a Priority

Ecclesia College Baseball Team

The vision of the National Christian College Athletics Association is:

“To produce champions of Christ-like character while providing an environment that fosters academic and athletic excellence on a regional and national level.”

The NCCAA nationally recognizes teams that have a cumulative team GPA of at least a 3.4 as a NCCAA Scholar Team. 

The Ecclesia College Royals baseball team, comprised of all freshman and one upperclassman, have put themselves on track to receive this honor; ending the Fall 2012 semester with a team GPA of exactly 3.40. 

“I knew we would, because we are just that great, said freshman Daniel Authement, tongue-in-cheek. He was named to the Fall Semester Dean’s List.

 When asked about what this accomplishment meant, Head Coach Hardie responded 

“For us, at Ecclesia, we aren’t just student athletes, we are student worker athletes. To come away with a 3.4 with all the work outs in the fall and the working, that’s a great testament to our guys, especially with being all freshman.”

With any team this is a great accomplishment, but with a team of all freshman, it says a lot about the dedication of these young men.

“It’s pleasing to know that we are striving for excellence not only on the field but also in the classroom, said freshman Brandin Fry. He was also named to  the Fall semester Dean’s List)

“This shows me that our team cares enough not only about their sport, but also this school and their grades. We have to have the grades to play. To be a part of this family you have to get it done in the classroom, and we have, ” observed freshman Caleb Kelley, also on the dean's list.

The students offer congratulations to the Ecclesia College Men’s Baseball team on this accomplishment, and wishing them the best this season, and hoping their studies continue to be strong.

Reported by Lydia Lewis, Student Communicator

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